Unit Rate Pairs Check Coloring Activity

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About this resource :
This resource combines the fun of a coloring activity with the ease and collaboration of a pairs self checking activity. Students will find unit rates and use their coloring pages to check their answers with a student who has the other half of the page.

How to use this resource :

Some students are given "Page A" while others are given "Page B". Once they have completed their page - both the solving and the coloring - they find someone who has the opposite page. They fold their paper in half and match up their coloring page with their partner. If they are both correct - both of the coloring pages should line up.

Each page has different questions - but they lead to an answer with the same color. There are TWO versions. One includes only 6 problems and the second version includes ten problems (the 6 from the first version, plus four more).

Terms of Use
© Lindsay Perro. Please note - this resource is for use by one teacher only. Additional teachers must purchase their own license. If you are a coach, principal or district interested in purchasing several licenses, please contact me for a district-wide quote.

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