Helping teachers gain
the confidence and resources
need to deliver quality, engaging
math instruction and build their
students into confident math thinkers.

{FREE} Complete Lesson Sampler

→ Over $35 in free resources and activities for solving equations.

→ Try them out and see how they work for you and how they work together! 

→ Includes a curriculum lesson, coloring page, flip books, stations, a complete Math Escape and more!

Math Escapes

These escape room style activities provide students with a collaborative way to review important math skills. Each individual Math Escape Activity includes eight challenges that require students to use skills from each group of standards to find codes that will unlock each puzzle.
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Squared Away Membership

So many of you struggle to find the RIGHT resources for your classroom. You spend time searching, money buying, time guessing and planning. It's time for you to take back what matters most - your time. For less than the cost of a meal out each month you can have a complete year of curriculum and activities at your fingertips
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Professional Development

I’ve been working on something more. Something that goes beyond just providing physical resources. Something that will hopefully give you the confidence to become the absolute best version of yourself in the classroom this coming school year.

THIS COURSE will do just that.
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My name is Lindsay

My goal is to help math teachers bring their students out of the math textbook and into a hands on, interactive and fun learning environment.