Halloween Escape Room Activity Template

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About this resource :
This Halloween Escape Room template allows you to create your own customized escape for Halloween! It will work with any subject area and any grade level! You can create codes that open locks, word codes, etc. The possibilities are endless!

What is included?

  • Editing and printing directions
  • General escape directions
  • A full-color template (includes an editable challenge, four challenge envelope labels, four editable challenges, editable hint cards, and an editable student booklet).
  • A black and white template (includes the same resources as the full-color template)
  • A Halloween version of four completion signs
  • Sample challenge photos

Watch an in-depth video of how to edit this resource HERE!

Materials Needed
You do not need to spend money on locks and boxes (although that option and links to materials are included). You can simply use manila folders! All you will need is scissors and a fastening brad!

Licensing Terms :
By purchasing this product, you own a license for one teacher only for personal use in their own classroom. Licenses are non-transferable and therefore can not be passed from one teacher to another. If the teacher who purchased this license leaves the classroom or changes schools, the license and materials leave with that teacher. No part of this resource is to be shared with colleagues or used by an entire team, grade level, school or district without purchasing the correct number of licenses. If you are a coach, principal or district interested in transferable licenses that would accommodate yearly staff changes, please contact me for a transferable license quote at

Copyright Information :
© Beyond the Worksheet. Please note - all material included in this resource belongs to Beyond the Worksheet Inc. By purchasing, you have a license to use the material but you do not own the material. You may not upload any portion of this resource to the internet in any format, including school/personal websites or network drives unless the site is password protected and can only be accessed by students, not other teachers or anyone else on the internet.

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