Test Prep WITHOUT the Stress.

Test Prep WITHOUT the Stress.

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Hello testing season. We’ve missed you SO much (um, no). No matter how you look at it, testing season is probably the worst. It is stressful for the students, teachers, administrators, parents…. everyone. Unfortunately, most students feel like they are only in school to prepare for a test. They probably hear “this will be on the test” more than they should. Right now, there isn’t anything we can do about it, so we need to make the best of it.

Test prep provides the perfect opportunity to get your students up and moving, coloring, collaborating, etc. It is the WORST time to have them work on “practice tests” and worksheets. If you take that route, your students will be so sick of seeing something that looks like a test by the time the actual test comes around, they may shut down.

Luckily, there are so many ways to make test prep in math engaging. You can literally turn anything into a game, activity or set of stations.

  • Take practice tests or public sample questions and type them into a PowerPoint game template.
  • Use fold & flip notes to review concepts.
  • Have students make mini-books to review concepts or study.
  • Provide students with choice boards or math menus to either practice a skill or demonstrate their understanding. You may be surprised at how well some students perform when given the opportunity to pick their own way of showing their understanding.
  • Break students into small groups and have each group create a game or activity to review a specific skill set. Once the activities are complete, set them up as stations and have them work around the room, completing each activity. 

Here are a few more great ideas from some friends of mine :

  • Take a previously released state test, divide up the questions into stations, then have the students rotate. It beats having the kids sit at their desk and take the test! – Gina Wilson
  • It’s all about student confidence. If they’ve been in class, taken notes, completed homework and asked questions, the only thing getting in the way are their nerves. Here’s a flippable to build confidence. – Scaffolded Math and Science
  • We do review for three weeks before our state test. I choose 9 topics, three for each week. I split my kids into four groups. Monday through Thursday they are in a station devoted to one topic or meeting with me. Friday we mini quiz with test like questions on those three topics. – Lessons With Coffee

If you have any fabulous test prep ideas, head over to my Facebook Page and share them on THIS POST!

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