Say Hello to Bullet Notes

Say Hello to Bullet Notes

I am knee deep in finishing up about 4 different projects but was struck by this idea…. this idea to give students MORE flexibility and control over their own notes. For 10 years I’ve been creating resources for students that rely on the concept of scaffolded, guided notes. My background comes from primarily working with lower level students, so these notes make sense to me. However, as I grow as both a content writer and as a person, I’m realizing that this form of notes can feel a little suffocating for certain students. Some students absolutely need the structure that guided notes provide. Some however, don’t. There are many new note-taking trends out there now and I’m certainly not trying to jump on board the trending bandwagon…. but I had this idea I just couldn’t shake.

Enter – Bullet Notes.

Bullet Journaling is all the rage right now and for good reason. Lines feel restrictive. Dots allow you to write above, below, around the lines. They allow you to feel free to doodle, circle, write sideways and upside down. I thought I could absolutely apply this concept to my notes and pull them away from the traditional structure.

I think I totally accomplished my goal with my 8th Grade Math Bullet Notes! The notes work with my 8th Grade Math Curriculum. If you are using my curriculum, they will work alongside it well and give you the opportunity to scaffold the way you give notes. As I worked through the notes I also realized there was a great opportunity to add in calendar aspects as well as goal setting, personal reflection and more. This resource grew to be more than I ever could have imagined and I’m so proud of how it turned out!

Say hello to CHANGE. Say hello to FREEDOM for your students from traditional notes! Allow your students to organize their thoughts in a way that makes sense for them! They can circle, underline, bullet, color, doodle… the opportunities are endless! These notes provide students with less structure than my traditional guided notes and are not as busy as more doodle-style notes. You can purchase the 8th Grade Bullet Notes now and read the FAQs to get additional  info about the ability to edit and more! Bullet Notes for Grades 5, 6, 7 and Algebra 1 are also available

Take a look at a video preview here!

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