More Task Card Ideas

More Task Card Ideas

Task Cards are such a versatile resource to use in ANY classroom – not just middle school math classrooms!

I’ll be honest. When I first used task cards, I thought they were just glorified index cards. I was frustrated over having to use a sheet of paper and, at the time, valuable copies to print four cards. I knew there HAD to be more uses for them. Here are three quick suggestions! 

  • Print task cards as handouts. Copy your task cards with 8 slides to a page. If you copy this front to back you have 16 problems that can be used for homework or a classwork assignment. All the white space that will print on the side of the page is PERFECT for students to use to show their work.
  • Interactive Notebooks. Did you know there are so many ways you can incorporate Task Cards into your INBs? One thing I liked to do was print them as handouts again so they’re smaller. Then, students could cut them out and use them on an output page to demonstrate their understanding. If the cards are taped in on one side, you’ll have a nice “hinge”. Lift up the hinge and presto! Work space!
  • Turn them into a scavenger hunt. I stuck two task cards together at various spots around my room, gave each student a copy of the answer sheet and sent them off in pairs. I didn’t time them, since I felt like giving students time limits (when not needed) would encourage copying off one another or rushing. Instead, I made sure I had more task cards available than groups of students. I told them they could start wherever they wanted, and then simply move to a different set of cards when they were finished.

For more ideas on how to get your students moving around the classroom, check out this blog post on stations!

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