Math Mystery Reviews

Math Mystery Reviews

Are you (and your students) tired of the same test reviews?

Yes, testing is important but so is a happy classroom where students are engaged and excited about what they are learning.

This test review goes beyond what you are used to. Your students will jump into an immersive theme and navigate their way through all you’ve taught them this year.

Students work through 5 levels (one for each strand) while reviewing the skills you’ve taught them this year. Each skill comes with a half page review, practice (for pairs or small groups) and a mini-assessment. Once students demonstrate mastery of each skill, they receive a piece to a puzzle that is put together throughout that level. Each skill spirals back to previous skills from the unit or year before.

Videos are included for use before each level to help engage your students and share the purpose of that level.

While this resource was designed to be used for an end of year review or test prep review, it can be used in parts throughout the year as well.

Use as centers, stations or traditional pairs/individual practice. There are so many possibilities!

What’s Included?

  • CCSS and TEKS Standards Alignment
  • A full PDF of the review
  • A full PDF answer key of the review
  • Tips and Talking Points for each skill
  • An Editable Version (must have PPT to edit)
  • Links to the video intros (hosted on YouTube)
  • Suggested (and optional) decor and props
  • Separate PDFs for each level with separate keys


  • Each grade level has a different theme. 5th Graders are traveling, 6th Graders are detectives, 7th Graders are pirates and 8th Graders are jungle explorers!
  • There are reviews for grades 5 – 8. At this time I do not plan to make a review for Algebra 1. 
  • If you aren’t a fan of all the theming, there are BASIC versions as well for grades 6-8. Same questions, without all of the extra theming!
  • These are not in any bundles and a bundle of the three will not be created.
  • Absolute Access Members DO have access them!
  • You can purchase HERE! Both versions are available on TPT while only the themed versions are available on my site. I recommend purchasing the themed version through my website due to the ease of use and organization with the videos. The files are huge so the TPT zip file may be a bit hard to maneuver.

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Math Mystery Reviews

6th Grade Mystery Review

In this review your 6th graders will be taken on an investigative adventure! They work through the skills they've learned throughout the year to eliminate suspects and figure out which sneaky mathematician is up to no good.

7th grade math mystery review

7th Grade Pirate Spiral Review

Your 7th graders are setting sail on a pirate adventure. They will work through the skills they've learned this year, collecting clues and unlocking puzzles to help them find the treasure!

8th grade math mystery review

8th Grade Jungle Spiral Review

The 8th graders are heading into the jungle for an excursion like no other. They must make their way through obstacles by demonstrating their understanding of all they've learned this year. If they can be successful, they'll find the jungle treasures!

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