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What are Teachers Saying?

"As soon as I read the email from Lindsay's distribution list, I knew I was flying over to TpT the second I had a chance. I *love* escape rooms with my sixth graders, and I *love* Lindsay's math products. This product doesn't disappoint. The standards are hit spot on, the challenges look fun, and the materials are visually pleasing. Absolutely thrilled with this product and hoping Lindsay makes the standard strand ones by the end of summer so I can use them, next year. This will definitely get used at the end of the year. Thank you!! "
- Happy customer!

About Math Escapes

These escape room style activities provide students with a collaborative way to review important math skills. Each individual Math Escape Activity includes eight challenges that require students to use skills from each group of standards to find codes that will unlock each puzzle. 

Math Escapes are typically not comprehensive, complete reviews of all standards. Math Escapes do focus on content but the primary focus is on the collaboration and the problem solving. The escapes should not be used for complete test review but should be used as a fun way to wrap up a skill (or the year!). They also provide a great way to start off a new school year – but using an escape that covers a skill or skills from the year before. 

Math Escapes do not require the challenges to be completed in any particular order. In order for students to “escape” they simply have to find all 8 codes. This allows for (a) differentiation, (b) removal of challenges for time and (c) the ability for you to only make one copy of each challenge because as groups finish one challenge their next one can be whatever is available. 

⇢ CCSS and TEKS standard alignment
⇢ Four pages of escape directions
⇢ A digital lock option
⇢ Links to locks/boxes to purchase
⇢ An “unpacking” video where I walk you through prep and setup
⇢ Detailed puzzle teacher information
⇢ 8 challenges with prep instructions and materials 
⇢ Hint cards for each challenge (PDF format and EDITABLE PPT format)
⇢ Group code sheet
⇢ Student workbook
⇢ Photos that show each challenge prepped
⇢ End of escape signs and a sign template
⇢ Prize ideas
⇢ Answer keys

You do not need to spend money on locks and boxes (although that option and links to materials are included). You can simply use manila folders or the included digital lock. 

All you will need is a ruler, a mirror (a link to cheap, nonbreakable mirrors is included), glue stick, fastening clips/brads, scissors.

◆ Back to School Escape for Grades 5 to 8 – COMPLETE
◆ 5th Grade Math End of Year Escape Activity – COMPLETE 
◆ 6th Grade Math End of Year Escape Activity – COMPLETE 
◆ 7th Grade Math End of Year Escape Activity – COMPLETE
◆ 8th Grade Math End of Year Escape Activity – COMPLETE
◆ Fraction Operations Escape – COMPLETE
◆ Decimal Operations Escape
◆ Solving Equations Escape – Higher Level – COMPLETE
◆ Solving Equations Escape – One and Two Step 
◆ Systems of Equations Escape 
◆ 5th Grade Geometry Escape
◆ 6th Grade Geometry Escape
◆ 7th Grade Geometry Escape
◆ 8th Grade Geometry Escape
◆ Data Displays Escape

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