Empower the Student Experience through my Digital Notebooks

Empower the Student Experience through my Digital Notebooks

My digital notebook units were developed to mirror the content from my curriculum units. Therefore, they were specifically designed for digital instruction and include audio, small videos, movable pieces, boxes to type in and more.

There is currently an ever changing landscape of education and the classroom environment. With that, I wanted to continue to support you in the best way possible with my interactive notebook units. 

I wanted to create for you a resource that was easy to use, adaptable to both virtual and in-person learning, engaging, interactive and be time saving.


Grab Interest – Students are able to interact with the notes and practice by filling in blanks, dragging and dropping content, putting together puzzles and more.

Audio Included – Audio is provided for notes, definitions and other important information. Delete it if you don’t want it to be available and keep it on if you do!

Video Included – Some units have video included at this time. Others will include it in the future. All videos are also going to be available for free on my YouTube channel!

Easily Assess – Google forms assessments are included for all unit quizzes, pre-assessments and post-assessments to make grading simple.

Video TutorialsVideo tutorials are provided for both the students and teachers to make the introduction of these notebooks into your classroom easy. 

For even more information, head over to the Digital Math Notebook site! 


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