All About Digital Interactive Notebooks

All About Digital Interactive Notebooks


I’ve heard you when you’ve been expressing your frustrations with properly delivering instruction digitally. Having activities digital is one thing but being able to deliver instruction is HARD. I’ve finally come up with, what I hope is the PERFECT solution for you! I am really excited about this resource and hope you know – I hear you. I’m listening. I’m doing whatever I can do help you!

My digital notebook units were developed using the content from my curriculum units. They are designed 100% for digital instruction and include audio, future small videos, movable pieces, boxes to type in and more.


Grab Interest – Students are able to interact with the notes and practice by filling in blanks, dragging and dropping content, putting together puzzles and more.

Audio Included – Audio is provided for notes, definitions and other important information. Delete it if you don’t want it to be available and keep it on if you do!

Video Included – Some units have video included at this time. Others will get it in the future. All videos are also going to be available for free on my YouTube channel!

Easily Assess – Google forms assessments are included for all unit quizzes, pre-assessments and post-assessments to make grading simple.


There are many ways to assign the notebooks. The biggest concern seems to be the desire to not give students the entire notebook at once. That is entirely possible! When you open the notebook in google, you can highlight the slides you want to send to students. Then, click FILE – MAKE A COPY – SELECTED SLIDES and name them something like “fractions unit slides 4 – 14” or “Math 6 January 10” – anything that makes them easily identifiable. Students can then only work with what you send them and your original notebook file doesn’t get cut up. As you send students additional pieces to the notebook, they can insert them into their main notebook file after they make a copy to their drive. They can do this by going to their main notebook and clicking FILE – IMPORT SLIDES and then select the newest chunk of slides you sent to them. CLICK HERE for a video of how to do this.

I’ve also created a video tutorial for students on how to use these notebooks. You can send this video to them prior to starting, so they can have a solid understanding of how to work with the text boxes, shapes and other movable elements.


Are they being added to the curriculum? They are NOT being added to the current curriculum or digital bundles due to the amount of content and the time it requires of me to make just one unit. 

What grade levels are available? Currently there are digital notebooks for 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, Pre Algebra and Algebra 1. Notebooks for other grade levels are a possibility in the future (although full curriculum and supplementals are not).

For even more information, head over to the Digital Math Notebook site! 

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Hi, I'm Lindsay!

My goal is to help math teachers bring their students out of the math textbook and into a hands on, interactive and fun learning environment.

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