Curriculum Resources

Curriculum Resources

You have enough to worry about – planning shouldn’t be one of them. My curriculum resources take the stress out of planning and give back to you the most important piece of your life… time. Time spent with family, with friends. Time spent bonding with students, going on long weekends, taking a nap. Whatever makes you happy – take it back!

What do I offer? 

What is the difference between a curriculum resource bundle and a complete curriculum? 

  • The complete curriculum includes pacing guides, warm ups, notes, worksheets and assessments. Also included are unit tracking pages and binder/spine labels for each unit. Activities are not included in the curriculum.
  • The curriculum resources mega bundles include all of the activities you need to get through an entire year! Activities include worksheets, puzzles, coloring pages, stations, additional assessments, foldable style notes etc. There is no overlap between the grade level curriculum resource bundles and the grade level complete curriculums. The curriculum resource mega bundles are growing bundles which means you will receive additional grade level materials at no charge!

The Curriculum is EDITABLE? 

  • Yes! The curriculum for Grades 5, 7 and 8 is editable. 6th is in the process of being converted. This means you can edit the actual questions/notes/assessments to be PERFECT for your classroom. Background images, copyright information and clipart cannot be edited.

Are these resources Common Core Aligned? 

  • Yes! These resources work fabulously with CCSS. If you are not in a Common Core district, they are perfect for you too!

Can schools and districts purchase licenses? 

  • Absolutely! Email me at for a quote!

Are payment plans available?

  • YES! New hosting has allowed me to offer payment plans and easy access to the resources. CLICK HERE!

What teachers are saying about these resources :


  • **”This is an amazing resource! I’m so glad that I was finally able to purchase it after pondering the idea for a while. If you’re on the fence about buying this resource, DO IT!! It is well worth your money. After trying many of Lindsay Perro’s products in my 7th grade classroom, I bought the Mega Bundle. I’m so thankful I did because it looks like I won’t be looking for any other resources any time soon. She has numerous activities and resources for every standard. The activities are so much more than a boring worksheet, too. She has put creativity into each resource. I CANNOT wait to try all of them!!” (7th Grade Math Curriculum Resources Mega Bundle)
  • **”Absolutely love this! Has everything you could possibly need :)” (6th Grade Math Curriculum Resources Mega Bundle)
  • **”Full of terrific resources to help supplement my curriculum. This saves me SO much time coming up with creative activities for my students!” (6th Grade Math Curriculum Resources Mega Bundle)
  • **”If you are like me, you are an experienced teacher and debating whether it is worth the big bucks when you have jump drives full of resources. This was the first time in a few years that we had to create our own tests and my co-workers wanted to “cut and paste from google”. I almost gave in before I came across this document. I have only used 2 worksheets so far but it has freed time for me to focus on altering testing questions, tutoring, and time with my family. That is worth the money.” (8th Grade Math Curriculum Resources Mega Bundle)
  • **”THANK YOU for putting together something with warmups, lesson breakdowns, and a clear plan! This will save me time with figuring out how to go about planning lessons without spending so much time searching for or creating resources, especially with the mega resources bundle I just purchased with it! Again, THANK YOU!!! :)” (8th Grade Curriculum)
  • **”Another great resource from you, Lindsay! I purchased this product at the start of my Congruency and Similarity unit, and have loved being able to print out your plans, warmups, etc. and just go! Thank you for all that you do to make teachers’ lives easier!” (8th Grade Curriculum)
  • **”This is my first year teaching 7th grade math, coming from 4th grade. I researched several different mega bundles before deciding on this one. I am EXTREMELY glad I bought this. It was well worth the money. I love how everything is organized and the quality of the products is top notch. This is truly a life saver! Thank you very much for all the hard work put into this!!!!” (7th Grade Math Curriculum Resources Mega Bundle)
  • “This was the best purchase I’ve ever made as a teacher! Sure, it was a lot of money so I debated it quite a bit, but I am SO glad I ended up buying this 🙂 As a first year Algebra 1 resource teacher, this has helped out more than I possibly could have asked for! Thank you for the great work. I don’t know where I would be without it.” (Algebra 1 Unit Plans Bundle)


My name is Lindsay

My goal is to help math teachers bring their students out of the math textbook and into a hands on, interactive and fun learning environment.

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