Beyond the Worksheet with Lindsay Gould : A Look Inside

Beyond the Worksheet with Lindsay Gould : A Look Inside

Trying to decide what you need for a new school year is HARD. Maybe you have a curriculum that needs supplementation. Maybe you have absolutely nothing. Maybe you have curriculum and supplements but need something for RTI. This page has you covered!

Full Year Curriculum

  • Each year long curriculum comes with an outlined pacing guide, warm ups, guided notes, fold and flip notes, practice worksheet, the occasional activity and assessments.  Curriculum is available for grades 5 – 8, Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1.
  • This curriculum may NOT be all you need to teach. Activities are not included and if you have a long teaching period, you will absolutely need to supplement. 
  • The curriculum is EDITABLE. This means you can edit the actual questions/notes/assessments to be PERFECT for your classroom. Background images, copyright information and clipart cannot be edited.
  • To download a FREE sample curriculum lesson for each grade level, click below!
  • To shop curriculum products, click the grade level below to read more!

Supplemental Resources Mega Bundles

  • Each supplemental resources mega bundle includes a wide variety of resources that align with each grade level curriculum. 
  • These mega bundles are growing, which means new activities will be added to them (with the exception of Math Escapes and Intervention Units) over time. 
  • What is included in the mega bundles? Coloring pages, stations, puzzles, fold and flip notes, task cards and SO much more! 
  • The Grade Level EDITABLE FULL YEAR HOMEWORK NOTEBOOKS are also included in the mega bundles!
  • What is the difference between a curriculum resource bundle and a complete curriculum? 
    • The complete curriculum (above) includes pacing guides, warm ups, notes, worksheets and assessments. Also included are unit tracking pages and binder/spine labels for each unit. Activities are not included in the curriculum.
    • The curriculum resources mega bundles include all of the activities you need to get through an entire year! Activities include worksheets, puzzles, coloring pages, stations, additional assessments, foldable style notes etc. There is no overlap between the grade level curriculum resource bundles and the grade level complete curriculums. The curriculum resource mega bundles are growing bundles which means you will receive additional grade level materials at no charge!
  • Check out each grade level Mega Bundle info page below. Be sure to scroll to the bottom to see the current contents of each! 

Math Intervention Binders

  • Each grade level intervention binder is designed to provide extra practice resources for 6th – 8th grade math and Algebra 1 students.
  • The worksheets are not meant to be used for full class lessons (although they could be if that is your preference).
  • Each skill in each binder comes with four resources : 
    ► Tracking Sheet – Record the dates and scores for each activity. 
    ► Review Sheet – A quick review, student input section and problems intended to be used as guided practice. 
    ► Practice Worksheet – Use as independent or partner practice. 
    ► Error Analysis – Each problem is solved incorrectly. Students identify the error(s) and then solve correctly.

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