Revolutionize Learning Assessments with ‘Beginnings and Beyond’: Engaging, Self-Checking Activities!

Revolutionize Learning Assessments with ‘Beginnings and Beyond’: Engaging, Self-Checking Activities!

Have your warm ups gotten dry?

Are your students over the same old routine?

Every educator understands the pivotal role of warm-ups and exit tickets in the learning process. They are not just essential; in many schools, they are a crucial component of teacher evaluations, offering a snapshot of student knowledge. However, the monotony of traditional assessments can be a drag, both for students and teachers. Does the thought of creating and grading endless sheets of paper make you cringe? Do your students find them tedious and boring?

Say hello to “Beginnings and Beyond,” a series of innovative assessments in Google Sheets that are not just self-checking but are also activities your students will genuinely enjoy!


“Beginnings and Beyond” transforms mundane assessments into engaging activities, ensuring students practice essential concepts without realizing they are learning.

  • Mazes: Aligned with curriculum standards, these mazes are not just engaging but also self-checking.
  • Puzzles: As students answer each question, a piece of a mystery image reveals itself. The self-checking feature ensures immediate feedback, and upon completion, a math joke/pun is unveiled!


  • Warm-Ups or Exit Tickets: Divide the activity, using half as a warm-up and the other half as an exit ticket, or mix it up for variety!
  • Healthy Competition: Encourage students to see who can complete the maze first, fostering a sense of healthy competition.


Whether you choose to use these as warm-ups, exit tickets, or competitive activities, prepare to assess without stress! These innovative assessments are available for 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grades.


Curious to explore these innovative assessments? Download a free sample from each grade level and experience the revolution in learning assessments!


  • Blog Store: Find individual puzzles and mazes, grade level bundles, and skill-specific bundles here.
  • TPT: Grade level and skill-specific bundles are available on TPT.

Transform the learning experience with “Beginnings and Beyond,” and make assessments an engaging and enjoyable process for your students. Dive into the world of innovative learning and make education a thrilling journey!


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