For almost five years, the Squared Away Math Membership has been the go-to for many teachers for high-quality resources.  Everything you needed was there to teach, assess, and organize for the school year.  The membership has been closed to new members for a year and a half while behind the scenes things were getting cleaned up, organized and better than ever…

After many amazing changes, updates and reconfigurations behind membership doors, it is open again as Beyond the Worksheet – Absolute Access.


Exclusives: Just for members you will get not one, not two, but three exclusive resources each month, only available to members.

  1. Teacher Hack: Every month there will be a proven “teacher hack” that you can implement right away in your classroom.  These have been teacher tested and proven to work well.
  2. Teacher Resource: How about a resource that goes right along with the teacher hack?  For example, in August the hack involves a way to make parent contact records a breeze and as a member you get an exclusive digital template to use for this purpose.
  3. Student Resource: Coloring pages and digital Build and Check activities have been some of the best loved resources.  As a member, you will get one of each, every single month!  Yep, 1 bonus coloring page and 1 bonus digital Build and Check!  These will be themed (for example August is Back to School and September is Fall, etc.), aligned to the standards, and your students will love them!  (And you will love how easy they are to implement and grade with zero prep.)

Epiphanies: When you have an epiphany you are having a sudden realization.  With this membership, you will have many!  Why?  You will have access to nearly everything you will need for an entire school year, with more being added all the time!  PLUS, if you have been a member in the past, you may run across a resource you’ve never seen before.  There are lots of hidden gems to discover! The private Facebook community will be a place you can turn to ask questions, share ideas and touch base!

Excellence: The membership has been re-organized significantly.  Many days were been spent organizing, renaming, and streamlining the look of the membership.  Digital resources are clearly marked, pictures have been included of each resource and new categories have been added where needed. In addition, there are dozens of new resources planned – detailed lesson plans, specific decks for the Sugarland game, more Math Escapes, new digital products, refreshes of older resources, and so much more!

Ready to join?