A FULL Year of Homework… DONE!

A FULL Year of Homework… DONE!

Assigning homework is tedious, but necessary. To help take the weight off some of your shoulders, I have a FULL YEAR of homework for math in grades 6 – 8 and Algebra 1.

Each homework binder covers all grade level skills, devoting at least one entire page of homework to practice on one individual skill. Each binder is ready to print and is 100% editable! At some point they will be converted to a Google Slides format that will be added to the original versions.

In addition to the PDF student version, there is a PDF Teacher’s edition that contains the answers and specific skill/page number alignment. There is also a completely editable PowerPoint version of the Student Edition allowing you to tweak the questions if they don’t fit your class exactly as you’d like them to. There’s also CCSS alignment page included in the file for those of you who teach CCSS. Since this is NOT specifically a CCSS resource however, the individual pages are not labeled with standards. Since it’s editable though, feel free to add them yourself!

The #1 thing I LOVE about my job is being able to make life easier for those of you who work SO hard every single day. By taking away the worry about what to assign for homework, I hope I’ve been able to make the rest of your school year just a teeny, tiny bit less stressful!

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I create ready to go resources for middle school math teachers, so they can get back what matters most – their time!

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