Your Middle School Math Students CAN Love Fractions!

Your Middle School Math Students CAN Love Fractions!

The most rewarding thing about creating educational content and resources is the feedback I get from teachers who use the resources I create. I get emails every week from teachers across the world (last week was from Australia, how awesome!) thanking me and sharing feedback.

About a month ago I got an email from Meghan asking if I wanted pictures from her classroom using a set of my Fraction Operations Stations. Of course I jumped at saying YES! Here’s what she said about how she implemented this activity in her classroom: “Here are the pictures from our I <3 Fractions activity with your cards attached to clothespins. The kids loved it! I made copies in 3 different colors and had three different teams where they had to collect the fractions of their color and then put them in order on the line from least to greatest. Once their line up was correct I had them find the decimals of their color and match them to their equivalent fraction. It was super fun! I left them up all week and whenever we had time at the end of class we’d play a quick game or two. Another game we played was to go around the room and one by one each student had to run and grab an equivalent pair and then sit back down so the next person could go.  I would time them and compare their times to the other classes, which they of course loved.”

Check out the pictures she shared!


If you’ve used any of my resources in your classroom and have pictures, send them along! I’d love to have them!

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