Not Just a Worksheet

Not Just a Worksheet

As the name of my blog kind of gives away – I’m a big fan of going beyond the traditional worksheet. Obviously though, there are times when students need to just sit down and work. They need independent practice time to be able to demonstrate their understanding and focus on understanding the skill, without the distraction of cooperative learning and games. I have reached out to the teachers who have bought my resources to see how they implement them in their own classrooms – “fun” material and basic worksheets. Since I’m not “in” the classroom myself, I don’t get to see my newest resources at work! Picture1 Mrs. Key is using my 8th Grade Common Core resources in her classroom and I’m thoroughly impressed at (and quite envious of) the availability of technology in her classroom! She sent me some pictures of my resources in action! And can I just say how I am still unable to comprehend how many teachers are using my resources in their classrooms? It is overwhelming to think that the things I create on my computer at my little white desk, get put to use across the world! Picture2

She said, “I am using your 8th grade Common Core Resource Bundle. I have iPads in my classroom and the students import the review into our note taking app and do your awesome review right there on the iPad. I am then able to display my iPad through the projector and work the problems with them!  I love, love the reviews you made and appreciate the accuracy and quality of problems you use.”   A note taking app!? Seriously? I think that’s amazing for the students AND the teacher – goodbye zillions of copies! My cousin attends a private high school where they used to have to purchase their textbooks, just like college students do. This year, however, each student was required to have an iPad. Instead of purchasing $500+ worth of textbooks, they are downloading them onto the iPads instead. I think that is amazing and carrying around an iPad is so much easier than lugging around textbooks! What kind of technology (if any) do you have available on a daily basis in your classroom?


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My goal is to help math teachers bring their students out of the math textbook and into a hands on, interactive and fun learning environment.

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