Hands on Holiday Gifts–Literally

Hands on Holiday Gifts–Literally

Now that I have children, my ideas about gift giving have changed. The cards my daughter makes me and the pictures she draws mean SO much more than anything that could be bought in a store.

I used to give gift cards to family for Christmas because I didn’t really know what else to get. This year, I’ve taken a different approach – one that will mean so much more than a gift card.

My children are growing bigger each day. Everything about them will be different next Christmas. I wanted to preserve a little something about this age and decided to have them make ornaments for family using just their fingers. One ornament has a “string of lights” where the lights are made with their fingerprints. The second ornament includes two fingerprint snowmen, one from each child. The third ornament is hilarious. It was supposed to have two fingerprint reindeer on it. My daughter (the perfectionist) has cute little reindeer on her side of the ornament. The other side… well… my son decided he was over using his fingers. He took his paint brush and made a big ol mess with brown paint. It’s ok though because it still reflects who he is right now – messy and wild!

These ornaments would also be a great craft to make in the elementary classroom and send home for the students to give to their families!

photo 1
photo 2
photo 4







In addition to the ornaments for family (of course I am keeping some too), they made a Christmas tree handprint canvas that will forever be my favorite Christmas decoration. My son refused to have his hands painted so the tree was made entirely from my daughter’s hands. They both used their fingers to add the “lights” on the tree. Hopefully next year Gavin will be less concerned over messy hands (seriously though, this kid is a full mess all the time yet wouldn’t let me paint his hands) and we can make another!

photo 5

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